P.O. Box 1804
Morgan Hill, CA 95038

Who We Are

In these interesting times, the E-commerce introduction “Who We Are” takes a sudden new significance. Our public wants assurance of the authenticity, the integrity, the reliability of our calling. We grow fruit trees! These trees produce the finest fruits you can grow. Our families have grown and preserved the finest fruit varieties for generations. We personally have been propagating and growing the finest fruit varieties, and providing them to others, for at least thirty years. That is Who We Are.

Others may offer for sale something less. They have great ambitions: to sell across the nation, all varieties to all gardeners in every climate. We have very modest ambitions. We offer the finest of all fruits that can produce in our own climate. We cannot know the growing conditions elsewhere and do not make recommendations for all our public, wherever they may live, with unreserved guarantee. But we can say that the varieties you find here are the very best of their kind, and all written sources we have found are in agreement.

Where do other nurseries obtain fine and rare varieties? Odds are, from us. No other nursery has maintained such a comprehensive source orchard of fruits over such a long period of time. We have been providing our varietal material to tradesmen for many years and you will recognize many of our varieties offered in their catalogs. And fully half of the US national collections of stone fruit varieties have come directly from us. At last, we make them available in retail quantities to the public.

Why We Are

Our retail business begins at a time when markets - long mistaken for life's General Theory - are proven insufficient. Growers of fruit already know too well the fallibility of markets. We know that to have the finest, means to grow it ourselves. To enjoy all the range of fruit possibility, means to grow an orchard. It need not be large, but does need to be good. The orchard can only be as good as the varieties planted and the care given. What costs it to water the fruit tree, with ten minutes a year thinning fruit, plus fifteen of pruning, and two times spraying? The result: pleasure in peaches, apricots, plums, cherries not available to you and friends by any other means.

How We Are

Our own mother block is the exclusive source of propagating material used in the nursery. Without a doubt, it is the finest private collection of fruit varieties. We produce for sale each variety in very small numbers. It is not commercially feasible to propagate more than a small choice of our varieties in each season. What we offer changes with each year, and our public is asked to keep this always in mind. We cannot emphasize enough to ORDER NOW, because these varieties may not be available again for several years. We only propagate sufficient numbers of each to assure that all our stocks are sold as soon as we enter the shipping season, which commences January second.

Where We Are

Our public appreciates that fruit trees cannot be better grown than in the dry, salubrious climate of California. The growing season is nearly twice that of any other nursery region. This permits extraordinary vigor and size in the first year of growth from bud, at which stage our trees are ready for dispatch to you. There are simply no “seconds” and nothing “held over.” Hardiness of root and scion are of course genetically determined, and Californian trees are at least the match of any grown elsewhere. Better, we think, as our trees have put in an extraordinarily long summer’s growth before their first winter in your garden.

About plant health. Viruses are the greatest challenge to the propagator of plants. Many of our country’s finest fruit varieties exist only in virus-infected form. ‘Muster’ apple and ‘Panamint’ nectarine are among many indispensable but virus-infected fruits. There is no nuclear stock program for these, though nurserymen propagate them and home gardeners still plant them and enjoy the fruits they produce. Under our conditions, they yield typical fruits and remain productive over a long life. Outside California, the vigor of virus-infected stock may be compromised when subjected to multiple causes of stress, and may not be reliably hardy. We indicate any known virus-infected varieties in our descriptions.