Gnomes On The March!

Back from a long summer at work on The Finest Fruits You Can Grow, everyone’s favorite root-budding, tree-training, row-counting orchard gnomes are back again, seated and ready to accept your orders for the winter season 2017!

Our current list is long but all varieties are available only in limited quantities, so we again urge our public to order early and often... since we will be adding more varieties during coming weeks, as the trees grow up to their proper size.

The gnomes step forward this season with introduction of Umes and Figs. New this season are Gower Nectarine, Montrose apricot, Spring Ruby and Frederick plumcots, Heavenly White nectarine, Belle Magnifique duke cherry, and an ample supply of the low-chill, self-fertile Cristobalina cherry.

Other cherries are back again, but no European plums, since our public seems too shy of planting them in quantity. Let the gnomes know of your enthusiasm for Arboreum plums, and they will return!