Not All Gone Yet - There's Still Figs!

Our next season's offerings will be posted here by Labor Day. Mark your calendars since we make few of each variety and many varieties sell out within a few days. Honored favorites will reappear in our lists, and also Ume, new are Pacific Plums for high-altitude orcharding.

But we still have figs! We call them "figlets" as they are year-old cuttings rooted in perlite, and made available as they reach a size suitable for shipping. They are available throughout the year, in or out of leaf.

The rest of our stock is sold in bare-root condition, which is possible only during the dormant season – February through March. Our public in distant parts of this country often ask us to extend the shipping season later, something our trees are not always willing to cooperate in. Whether held in cold storage or no, somehow the trees know when it's spring, and start growing in conformity with an internal clock we have yet to be able to turn back for convenience of purchasers in the East. The usual hazards of shipping dormant trees are magnified when trees are attempting to grow; orders requested for delivery in April and beyond are sold and shipped strictly at purchaser's risk.

Some of our public have requested an opportunity to taste the fruits before committing garden space to a variety. We do not perform fruit tasting but there is one who does, not far from our own orchard: Andy Mariani of Andy's Orchard in Morgan Hill, California. Andy, the famous grower of tree-ripened fruits in Santa Clara Valley, offers several opportunities during the summer season to try new and old fruits. Many, perhaps most, of these are the varieties of the trees we sell. In fact, from time to time Andy collects fruits from our orchard to fill out his display! The tastings this year are:

  • June 17 Cherries and early stone fruits
  • June 30 Late cherries, apricots and early peaches
  • July 8 Apricots, early peaches , nectarines and Asian plums
  • July 21 Late apricots, peaches, nectarines, early gages and Asian plums
  • August 5 Midseason peaches, nectarines, gages, Asian plums

There is a charge and schedule is subject to change, check Andy's website at

The gnomes of The Arboreum Company are occasionally seen in public and the best way to meet them is at an event at which they are scheduled to speak:

  • Jan 24, 25, 2018 Ecofarm Conference, Asilomar, California. "Variety Roundup; Growing the Fruit Tree."
  • July 28 , 2018 Festival of Fruit, Campbell California. "The Problem with Heirlooms."