Old Greengage

The original type of gage, round, flattened, of pale jade flesh, and remarkably small, this 15th century fruit has never been bettered by any of its modern progeny. Came to France from Italy, together with the greatest minds of Milan, and was named Reine-Claude, for the consort of Francis I. But it is probably yet more ancient, and of West Asian origin. It was introduced into England on many occasions, but was popularized from the garden of Thomas, later first Viscount Gage at Hargrave Hall, Suffolk, by 1725, and for no particular reason his name is now given to the entire class of gage-like plums. The green gage grown in America is a collection of seedlings or sports of varying fidelity to the original. We alone offer the true Old Greengage, beloved as Reine-Claude doree in France: so rich, so exquisite as to have survived these many centuries. Suggested pollenizer: Jefferson. Early - mid August. On Myro 29c.
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