Beloved as the first fruits of the season, cherries have resisted the market trend to make every fruit a year-long commodity. Cherry breeders and marketers have found in the fruit's genes no way to extend the cherry season beyond the brief, but spectacular, bliss of late spring. The best way to make the most of the season is to grow your own! Ours is the only nursery to offer the finest cherries. You will want to plant more than one variety, and that will provide the pollination these finest eating cherries require. There are two things you can do to demonstrate that garden cherries are worthwhile: 1. Head Low: cut the newly-planted cherry off at no more than a foot above ground and encourage low multiple branches with each pruning. This makes the tree shorter and easier to net against birds. 2. Apply Tanglefoot: to trunk 6 inches above ground and keep it freshly disturbed. Aphids are the worst enemy of garden cherries and are introduced and re-introduced by ants. Keep the ants from entering the tree with a fresh band of tanglefoot.