Improbable hybrids between Plum and Apricot, Plumcots may resemble plums, with a smooth skin and clingstone, white, juicy flesh, or apricots' fuzzy skin and yellow freestone fruits. When Luther Burbank publicized his first plumcot hybrids, "professional" pomologists denounced them as a hoax. Burbank was vindicated later, but meanwhile his reputation had been unjustly damaged by pomologists who lived in inclement climates and had no experience with either Asian plum or apricot breeding. It was later demonstrated that plumcots had arisen centuries ago naturally, hybrids between apricot and cherry-plums (Prunus cerasifera). We offer one of this type. Currently, many fruit breeders are popularizing hybrids between apricots and Asian plums. All true plumcots are scanty bearers if lacking appropriate pollenizers nearby, and are very sensitive to insufficient winter chilling.