Pacific Plums

The best-kept (and perhaps only) secret of the State of Jefferson. This most desirable of native plums of America was a staple of kitchens in trans-Cascadian California and Oregon during the last century, and an important part of the local economy: jars of plum jelly and bottles of plum wine are sold to the occasional and curious traveller in these most remote parts of the Pacific states. In nature, the plants are dense shrubs that grow in the stream courses and at roadsides where water collects during the summer in the volcanic plateaux. The fruits, largest of native plums of the western hemisphere, are the size of large prunes, bright red when ripe during August and September; flesh yellow, white or orange, acidulous, pleasant to eat from the hand. Are useful in any recipe that calls for plums, but it is as plum wine that they excel. The Stringer family of New Pine Creek, above the shores of Goose Lake - which straddles the Oregon/California state lines - have searched out and propagated the best of the Pacific plums for use in their winery, the origin of the four varieties we offer here.

Pacific plums are the fruit par excellence for planting in mountain locations in the West, and for far northern United States where both winter hardiness and late leafing out is required. A good landscaping plant for cabin and resort areas, up to 8000 feet altitude. Is also productive in coastal California locations and has not suffered from delayed foliation with us.
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