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The most successful of Grant Merrill's peach introductions during the 1960s, O'Henry became the industry standard for late freestone peach and is still the most-grown of late peaches.  August-harvested O'Henrys are placed into cold storage and supply supermarkets with cold, hard yellow peaches until the end of the season in October.  But the O'Henry is a useful peach in the home orchard, to follow Rio Oso Gem and White Hale at the end of August and early September, and the durable fruits do keep in the kitchen for a remarkably long time.  Should be thinned  to assure good size and allowed to ripen on the tree for quality.  Fruits are slightly flattened, overall deep red, flesh medium yellow with much red around the pit.  When ripened on the tree are fairly rich, juicy, while flesh remains firm.Still the best freestone of its season.  Patent No. 2964.  End August.  600 hours.  On Lovell.