Bourjassote Noire

Bourjassote Noire

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Europe's most famous fig. The several color varieties of Bourjassottes were reputedly first found in the village of Burjasot, 19 km northwest of Valencia. But the black, white, grey and striped figs of Burjasot are not mere color variants, but very distinct from each other. This, la figue noire de Bourjassotte, or 'Bourjassotte noire,' has been grown in every country around the western Mediterranean certainly since the XVI century, known as Brogiotto nero in Italy, Bernissou in Provence, Burjassotte Preto in Portugal.

Fruits are distinct and not mistaken for any other fig. Turbinate, characteristic deep purple skin, ribbed, skin checking and cracking when ripe into a pattern known in north Africa as "robes of the beggar," typical of the finest and sweetest figs. Flesh deep purplish-red, sweet and relieved by a distinct tartness.

A one-crop fig, ripening over six weeks for us in September - October. Tree not hardy but vigorous, rooting poorly from cuttings and in Europe more often propagated by grafting instead.

The usual commercial fig of autumn in south France and central Italy. Strangely, not known in its true variety in California until introduced by us. Not the false variety grown as 'Barnisotte' here.