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Mother and grandmother of a burgeoning brood of hybrid progeny from the breeders at Riverside and Parlier, Croisic is the rare edible-fruited caprifig whose F1 descendants are reliably palatable. Upon discovery, Croisic was quickly put to use in a breeding program towards producing Smyrna-quality fruits that did not require caprification.

In its own right, Croisic has several uses. Its profichi of the first crop are the earliest edible figs to ripen, at the beginning of a long, continuous season of fruition. Fruits are not rich, but sweet. It also can be used, as we do in our orchard, as habitat for the fig wasp necessary to pollinate superior varieties such as Marabout and Zidi. It is capable of fertilizing others, which seeds make an interesting experiment at home fruit hybridizing.

Croisic continues ripening into early autumn. Fruits are flattened, straw yellow, with sweet colorless flesh, runny with juice. Requires disciplined, daily pickings to manage the crop. Ripens successfully without great heat.

The oldest trees of this variety were observed at Croisic, Brittany in the XIX century. A commercial planting of Croisic was made at Cordelia, Solano County, California a century ago, probably introduced by Felix Gillet of Nevada City. Amend of Portland misspelled that name "Gillette" and it was sold thus in the Northwest for many years. The variety was lost from the Riverside collection by the late 1960s and in this country only our tree has survived to propagate from.