de Vigne

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For several centuries past, the practice of growing peach trees upon the verges of the familial vineyard has been a tradition in central Italy and the south of France.  These Peches de Vigne are all of a type not found in commercial orchards, red fleshed and purple skinned, always grown from seed and therefore somewhat variable in degree of pigmentation and productivity.  The trees serve dual duty:  both as bearer of August peaches and as arbors to support vines, typically of muscat or Trebbiano varieties.  The many varieties of Sanguigne peaches are derived from the peches de vigne.

Ours is a clonally-propagated selection chosen for its large and  typey round, highly colored fruits, dull purple skin and flesh marbled red, juicy, with the traditional raspberry flavor associated with anthocyanin pigments.  Klon Weinsberger.  Late August.  750 hours. On Lovell.