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The most aromatic of plumcots, and among the most fragrant of all hardy fruits.   At first appearance, 'Flavorella' seems like any other apricot.  But the feel of the fruit is not as apricots are.  The skin is rough, not downy.   The flesh is deep yellow, the same as the skin.  The pit is clingstone and flesh is dense.  Not an apricot!  as if we needed to be told, when the scent of this fruit would tell us this is unlike any we have known, nearly overpowering in pineapple, quince, lemon aromas.  Because of pollination difficulties found in all plumcots, 'Flavorella' is not productive enough for commercial orchardists, but we offer it as a fruit too good to be lost... plant with Asian Plum such as 'Santa Rosa' or 'Shiro'.  Mid June.  On Lovell.