Packham's Triumph

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For lovers of 'Bartlett', to follow it in season and with the same qualities of flavor and flesh. Packhams was the first commercially successful pear hybrid made in Australia, by Charles Packham of Molong NSW, of 'Belle Angevine' by 'Williams Bon Cretien' (Bartlett). Was introduced to USA during the Great War, but not commercially planted here until our lifetime. The better "Bartletts" available in supermarkets in October are Packhams from Oregon, and all those available in spring are Packhams from Chile. Recognized by their squatter, flatter shape, with insignificantly fleshy neck, and outstanding musk aroma. The same melting flesh, or more so, with characteristic threads surrrounding the core. Packham is an indispensable autumn fruit for the home orchard. On Betulaefollia.