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Famous blood plum of medieval Japan, and parent of all other red-fleshed plums of the world. Satsuma, named for the old province whence it arose, is a representative of a race of red-fleshed plums grown from seed "since the mind of man remembereth not" on the island of Honshu. Luther Burbank had read of such plums and this was among the twelve seedlings that arrived from a correspondent in Yokohama at Burbank's Santa Rosa farm in late 1885. The best of the lot he named 'Satsuma'. The fruit is small, oblate, dark purple, very much clingstone in durable flesh that never loses its firmness; juice not abundant but red-black in color, like no other fruit upon this Earth. Flavor is characteristic of all highly-pigmented fruits, the anthocyanidin taste of red raspberry. 'Satsuma' is pre-eminently a culinary fruit, the finest for cooking of all the Asian plums, and the only plum, and indeed the finest of all stone fruits, to be made into a conventional double-crust pie. End August. Pollinate with any other Asian plum. 350 hours. On Myro 29c.