P.O. Box 1804
Morgan Hill, CA 95038

We offer the finest fruits you can grow.

We believe the fruit trees we deliver are the best grown, anywhere. By anyone.

The Mother Block, Santa Clara County, CA

There's something about the climate here in California that grows trees longer and stronger than any other place in the world. No storms, no humidity, no bugs and no diseases.

A growing season twice that of the next-best nursery region means our trees are so large that we have a hard time fitting two trees together in one big box. It hurts to have to cut back our beautiful trees to a shipping size.

Our customers think so too.

“ The root systems of the trees they sell are huge. I have ordered trees from almost every mail order(internet) nursery and Arboreum is simply the best. I received my latest 'chinese' peach and 'early crawford' from them last week. They are already sprouting leaves. The trees are very healthy. ” – Newport, RI.

“ Among the finest propagators of bareroot fruit tree stock I've ever found, and I've been a collector for almost ten years. Good caliper on the stems and — most important — well developed root balls with taproots and strong laterals for maximum second year growth. ” – Thousand Oaks, CA

“ This nursery has varieties that can't be bought anywhere else. They answered all my questions very thoroughly, even though I was in the market for only two trees. My trees were shipped across the country to NY state, but arrived in perfect dormant condition. They were huge, and grew very vigorously their first year. If I had room for more trees, I'd buy them from this great nursery. ” – Ithaca, NY